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Very happy and content.. Just feeling great. Hopefully I’ll sleep just as well. Goodnight.

mint choco froyo !!


3 things I’m proud of

- my record collection

- that I manage to leave the house everyday for work and be social (still scary but yay)

- I can make really good cups of tea??

Thanks for asking!!

these are the cutest omg please

redbean ice cream: ideal partner
greenbean Popsicle: smth im jealous of
mochi ice cream: what i look for in a friend
mango ice cream: a tumblr ship
strawberri froyo: top 3 insecurites
mint choco froyo: 3 things im proud of
cookies and cream froyo: 3 things you can do to make me automatically like you
orange ice cream: something ive always wanted to tell somebody
jasmine tea: an unpopular opinion that i have
orange tea: a secret that i've kept
oolong tea: my first love
strawberry tea: favourite outfit
bubble tea: fashion pet peeve
strawberry iced tea: your best feature

Polaroid of Kate Bush by Claude Vanheye

I’m scared no one will love me.

I’m scared someone will love and then see me sad or angry or naked or tired and then stop.

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"ur such a qt"

am I calling you cute?

or am I calling you a quentin tarantino?

you’ll never know

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"Fuck, my tea."

- me approximately an hour after every time I make tea (via madopiano)

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People are allowed to be repulsed by sex.

People are allowed to be uncomfortable with nudity.

People are allowed to be uncomfortable with genitalia, their own or others. 

There are so many reasons why people may feels this way, from dysphoria to being asexual to coping with sexual assault to just straight up that’s how they feel.

And that’s ok.

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Venus As A Boy
by Björk
from Debut


donnie darko (2001) 

Grimes performing @ Budwieser Made In AmericaAugust 31, 2014. PhiladelphiaPhoto by David Maialett for